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Brace yourself, Primeurs 2019 are coming
We are going through an exceptional situation. However we stay more than ever close to our beloved winemakers, to promote the fantastic work they did in 2019.

And so we’ll do our best with this page to inform you on a regular basis, regarding this great vintage 2019 : Film, Interview of Oenologists, of winemakers, ways and means of the future campaign….

June 3, 2020 : DOMAINES BARON DE ROTHSCHILD LAFITE unveils the 2019 vintage presentations for CHATEAUX LAFITE ROTHSCHILD, DUHART-MILON and L’EVANGILE.  Don’t hesitate to discover this magnificent vintage before their release on the market very soon!

May 27, 2020: CHATEAU PICHON BARON and CHATEAU SUIDIRAUT present their 2019 vintages on magnificent websites dedicated to this Primeurs campaign. You will find all the information on their respective vintages, and superb videos presenting this new and particularly successful vintage. 
More information about the estate :

CHATEAU PHELAN SEGUR unveils its harvest notebook and the first technical details of its 2019 vintage. The weather conditions were incredible, so this vintage promises to be particularly exceptional! 

May 25, 2020: CHATEAU DE FERRAND presents its 2019 vintage in a very complete video.  Gonzague de Lambert talks about a vintage that produced “fantastic Merlots, but also some really amazing Cabernet Francs , which is present this year at 27% in the final blend which is not usual for Ferrand”. François Hecquet, the Technical Director, completes by saying that “the earliness of the vintage has made it possible to create very elegant, very harmonious and very silky wines”.
More information about the estate:

CHATEAU CANON and  CHATEAU RAUZAN-SEGLA unveil their presentations of the 2019 vintage. Mission Accomplished for Rauzan-Ségla, Metronome for Canon… These intriguing titles are those of notebooks, which will allow you to read the entire history of the vintage. A very beautiful story to discover!

May 19, 2020: James Suckling and Erick Kohler (Technical Director) present the 2019 vintage of CHATEAU LAFITE ROTHSCHILD. Eric Kohler tells us : “You have all the parameters of a classic vintage but at the same time it is very accessible. Everything is here. Everything is in a good position, the harmony, the precision; it is a great Lafite. It’s just perfect.”
More information about the estate:

CHATEAU DALEM takes us on a tour of its installations in this superb video: come and discover their winery!  You can find all the data on the 2019 vintage  on our website.
More information about the estate:

May 18, 2020:  The  team of the Château BRANAIRE-DUCRU opens their doors to present us their 2019 vintage.  François Xavier Maroteaux gives us his point of view on this vintage : “This 2019 vintage, which we consider as one of our great vintages, will once again serve as a wonderful ambassador of the “house signature” of Branaire-Ducru, which caracterizes our wines so well.”
More information on the estate:

May 15, 2020: You can find all the information on the 2019 vintage CHATEAU D’ISSAN CHATEAU PEDESCLAUX and CHATEAU LILIAN LADOUYS on their specific websites.  There, you will find all the information on this brilliant vintage and you’ll dive into the specific universes of the estates.

May 14, 2020: CHATEAU HAUT-BRION opens its doors to tell us about the 2019 vintage, while presenting the life of the vine in 2020.  Jean-Philippe Delmas tells us that his teams are particularly proud of the 2019 vintage, and that it is undoubtedly the announcement of a great vintage.
More information on the estate:

May 11, 2020 : Video presentation of the 2019 vintage at CHATEAU CALON SEGUR by Vincent Millet, estate manager. “What makes the 2019 vintage original, its characteristic feature, is this touch of saltiness on the finish, which invites you to take another sip… in our jargon, we call this appetence, and it is the mark of very great vintages”.
More information on the estate:

May 7, 2020 : Presentation of the vintage 2019 at the CHATEAUX MENYEY and GRAND-PUY DUCASSE by three members of the technical team. They know their wines so well and talk really originally about it !
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May 5, 2020 : Report by Neil Martin on the 2018 and 2019 vintages, Neal Martin hinted at “excitement surrounding the 2019 vintage”. He wrote that “a majority of winemakers believe that their 2019s are superior to 2018 due to slightly better pH. Having witnessed the harvest first-hand, I believe their optimism is not misplaced.

May 5, 2020 : Video presentation of the 2019 vintage from CHATEAU MALARTIC-LAGRAVIERE by Jean-Marc Bonnie, co-owner of the estate. He describes this vintage as a “turning point” for the estate, which stopped using chemical inputs more than 10 years ago. This wine has been “blended to express the juicy, tasty, fresh, tannic structure that lengthens the wine and leaves you with a long finish on the palate.”
More info on the estate :

May 4, 2020 : Presentation of the 2019 vintage by DOMAINE DE CHEVALIER for whom the strong point of this vintage is its high quality in both white and red. The white wines show great richness, freshness, balance and smoothness. The red wines are very fruity, concentrated, dense with great elegance and freshness in the tannins. The style is classic and refined.
More info on the estate :

Aoril 30, 2020 : Release of the Harvest Booklet presenting the 2019 vintage  from Vignbles Fayat for the Châteaux CLEMENT PICHON, LA DOMINIQUE and FAYAT. A  “high tension” vintage which celebrated the 50th harvest at the Château La Dominique, and the 10th at  Chateau Fayat.
More information on the estate :

April 28, 2020 : Présentation of the 2019 vintage at CHATEAU LAGRANGE on their Instaqgram account, by Matthieu Bordes.  The 2019 vintage is made of “the tiniest grape berries ever seen in the last 36 years. The wine is rich, powerful, but what surprises the most is its great freshness and drinkability, very smooth and  unctuous.”
More information on the estate:

April 24, 2020: Presentation of the 2019 vintage at CHATEAU COS D’ESTOURNEL by Dominique ARANGOÏTS, Technical Director of the estate, who describes the 2019 vintage as magnificent, letting the quintessence of the Saint-Estèphe terroir express itself.
More information on the estate:

April 23, 2020: New vat room at CHATEAU DALEM Brigitte Rullier Loussert is proud to present the new vat room which allowed them to elaborate their magnificent 2019: Yves BECK 93-94, JM QUARIN 92, favourite and outsider! One of our strong recommendations this year, certainly one of the best value for money!
More info on the estate:

April 21, 2020: Presentation of the 2019 vintage by Philippe Blanc, manager of CHATEAU BEYCHEVELLE: “Maturity achieved, black cherry, roundness, softness of tannins, sweetness and finesse”.
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April 21, 2020: Communication from the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux specifying the exceptional organization of the next primeurs campaign for the 2019 vintage in this very particular health context. This campaign should therefore be held before the end of this summer and “adapted” tastings could also be held both in Bordeaux and in a few cities around the world: modalities to be followed normally by May 11, 2020.
Link to the UGCB Press Release on the 2019 vintage

April 16, 2020: “The vast majority of Bordeaux estates wants to have a campaign for the vintage 2019 this year. The majority votes for a release prior the summer, between 15th June & 31st July. Bordeaux Place will implement all the needed means so as to make the Grands Crus Samples available for Journalist’s tastings. The Bordeaux Trade will taste the wines from mid-May to mid-June, respecting all the security & safety measures . Finally, we might assist to an average price reduction allowing this vintage 2019 to be even more appealing for Bordeaux Buyers all around the world.” – Frederic BERNARD, CEO BT

April 14, 2020: Interview of Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal, Co-CEO of Saint Emilion 1st GCC “A” CHATEAU ANGELUS

April 13, 2020: Interview of Eric Boissenot, one of the greatest oenologists in Bordeaux

March 18, 2002: Interview of Mathieu Bordes, CEO   of St Julien 3rd Classified Growth CHATEAU LAGRANGE “Particularly long harvests, fairly small berries, full maturity, a rich, complex wine with 80% Cabernet Sauvignon. Only 1/3 of the estate’s production will go into the  “Grand Vin”. Without doubt the greatest Lagrange I have ever produced, ” – Matthieu Bordes
More information on the estate:

March 17, 2020 : Interview of Florence Cathiard, owner of Pessac Léognan Classified Growth CHATEAU SMITH HAUT LAFITTE
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