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Château Meyney


  • Chateau Meyney is one of our favourite wine
  • Sustainable viticulture since 2005 and in organic conversion since 2021
  • An incredible terroir in one only plot, all around the estate
  • Exceptional neighbors enjoying the same terroir : Montrose, Phélan-Ségur & Calon-Ségur


In 1662, Château Meyney was a convent. The archives designate it under the name of Couvent des Feuillants or Prieuré des Couleys. Meyney is one of the oldest properties of Médoc. The domain remained for several generations in the same family before being acquired, in 1919, by D. CORDIER then now by the company CA Grands Crus.

Terroir & Vinification

Built on a hilly terroir near the Gironde, the property is located in the center of a vineyard of fifty hectares, in one piece, consisting of beautiful gravel-clay croups. The vines, average 35 to 40 years old, are divided between 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Black Merlot and 15% Petit Verdot. The grapes are extracted from a perfectly drained soil, ideal conditions to reach maturity.

Since 2005, the company CA GRANDS CRUS has chosen to adopt sustainable agriculture and thus enhances the positive impact of agricultural practices on the environment while limiting the negative effects, without risking danger in the economic profitability of their properties. The harvest is manual according to the Medocan tradition. After a double sorting of the grapes in the vineyard and in the winery, the winemaking continues in mixed stainless steel and concrete vats. The wines then join the cellar for a breeding of 16 to 18 months in oak barrels of which 40% are new each year.


For the tasting, we can say that it is a real great wine with a complex and exciting aromatic structure, with a very interesting aging potential.

Their Team

  • Owners: CA GRANDS CRUS
  • Chief Executive Officer: Anne LENAOUR
  • Sales Director: David LAUNAY
  • Oenologist Council: Hubert de Boüard