Our strengths

Building together long-lasting partnerships, based on trust, transparency and mutual respect.


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Family Matters

Tradition is the transmission of customs and values from a generation to the next.

Bordeaux Tradition was initially the story of 2 families: the Cruse and Bernard families. In 1981, Ivan Cruse founded Bordeaux Tradition, introducing numerous national and international buyers to the fine wines of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux Tradition is still the story of 2 families: the Bernard and Adamian families. In 2017, the Adamian sisters (owners of SWIT SA) joined Frédéric, bringing financial assets and international collaboration, instantly re-energizing distribution in the right channels. This partnership gave BT the means to purchase larger stock from leading châteaux and give you financial peace of mind.

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A Gate to the Greatest Wines of Bordeaux

It all comes down to trust. Over the years, we have formed lasting friendships and strong connections with the owners of Grands Crus Classés. The châteaux trust us to store and sell their prestigious wines in the best possible way. It is their trust that we pass on to you when we allocate these wines. These properties include our family estates, such as the châteaux d’Issan or Domaine de Chevalier as well as Grands Crus partners like châteaux Grand Puy Ducasse, Mouton Rothschild, Lafite, Canetenac Brown, Cos d’Estournel, Talbot, Beychevelle…

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The Importance of Advice 

Only true Bordeaux specialists can decipher the codes of our region and cherry-pick wines representative of our terroir. Our team of experts, constantly on the lookout, goes beyond just selling. We help you source the wines you want. We offer the wines most relevant to your market based on group tastings and research… With customers on 5 continents, in more than 40 countries, our sales team is always available. We pride ourselves in providing the guidance you need.

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Our Gems and Shining Stars

The Bordeaux landscape is an ever-changing ecosystem: properties are passed from a generation to the next, winemaking techniques are constantly evolving. Bordeaux is full of precious nuggets waiting to be uncovered. We particularly seek out new châteaux which can become partners, even sometime exclusive to us, such as Chapelle de la Solitude or Prélude à Grand Puy Ducasse. With our in-house oenologist, we have drawn up a Quality Pledge to offer wines that best meet your expectations or even create custom tailored brands.

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A Business Driven by Relationships 

Wine is a product that demands constant attention. Our talks around wine are lively, passionate and bring us closer together. Since the company’s inception, wine has been the center of a three-way relationship between châteaux, négociant and customers. We are the châteaux’ messengers: we relay their word to you, unfiltered and straightforward. The quality of our relationships and our values set us apart from other négociants, as we always put people first.

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Our Environmental Comittment

Our environment, as we know it, is in danger. We are aware of the benefits of sustainability and want to be a part of the effort. We trust the 2020 CIVB Climate Plan and are using it as roadmap. Everyone can implement change at their level by contributing to this plan. Therefore, Bordeaux Tradition has committed to the major themes developed by the CIVB for a sustainable and responsible vineyard: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of energy and water consumption and the increased use of renewable energies.

We also encourage our exclusive partners to conduct sustainable viticulture.

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Wine Trading in the 21st century 

Tradition should not come at the expense of productivity. To remain an efficient and reliable partner, we have always invested in our information systems. Thus, ERP (Microsoft ERP), EDI, CRM, no longer hold any secrets for us. Our software communicates directly with yours. Our website provides you with information about our wines in less than 3 clicks.

Our tech ambition is coupled with logistics excellence: on premise storage of more than 500,000 bottles and a partnership with the regional logistics leader (certified IFS and BRC in 2016).