Château Pavie Macquin


  • Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé B
  • The “made in” Nicolas Thienpont who assembles the terroir with superb
  • A deep respect of the soil
  • Unanimous critics!
  • Essential Saint Emilion appellation
  • A very great aging potential, but just as delicious young!

The history of Château Pavie Macquin is linked to the illustrious Albert MACQUIN (1852 -1911). Saint-Emilion owes him the use of the grafted plant, which was to save the vineyard ruined by phylloxera. It’s really “the man of reconstruction”. The current owners are the grandchildren of this great gentleman. In 1994, they named Nicolas Thienpont as manager of the property. Accompanied since by Stéphane Derenoncourt, they produce together wines of an exceptional finesse. On the occasion of the decennial revision of the classification of Saint Emilion (published in September 2006), Château Pavie Macquin has achieved the prestigious rank of “Premier”.

This magnificent terroir of Saint-Emilion, so qualitative and specific, is worked with passion by the Château team who ensures that the wine can reveal all its power, its generosity while expressing its finesse and minerality. This research and reflection are conducted for viticulture and winemaking based on respect for natural laws and a dynamic tradition. The biological study of soils, the refusal of herbicides, the composting, the study of the accompanying plants, the transport of the vintage by conveying, the vinification in round grains, the micro-oxygenation, the aging on the lees, the batonnage on wines red or extraction by pigeage, reflect the attention to detail at all levels of production.

At the tasting, Château Pavie Macquin offers wines with floral notes and controlled power.

Their Team

  • Owner : Famille CORRE-MACQUIN
  • Manager : Nicolas THIENPONT
  • Consultant : Stéphane DERENONCOURT