Château d’Aiguilhe

"This powerful wine, marked by a wild soil, is intensely expressive. The vigor of the place is found in the wine and marks the ones who drink it. A character wine "

By Stephan Von Neipperg


  • One of the most beautiful vineyards of Côtes de Castillon which benefits from all the know-how of Stephan Von Neipperg (Canon La Gaffelière, La Mondotte, Clos de l’Oratoire, Clos Marsalette)
  • Unanimously celebrated  by the Press and Bordeaux Tradition
  • A benchmark in the right bank satelite’s appellations
  • Organic certified
  • A label that directly reminds you The Von Neipperg signature


The ruins of the Château d’Ailguilhe witness the long history of Castillon. as a matter of fact, the oral tradition states the existence of a gallo-romain villa on the site of Aiguilhe. The actual estate was actually built during the 13th century. During the Middle-Age, the seigneury of Aiguilhe commanded the territory and possessed many important fiefs. Located at the border of the zones that were occupied by the French and English during the “hundred’s year war”, the estate played an important military role. Since 1998, the Château d’Aiguilhe belongs to the Von Neipperg Vineyards.

Terroir & Vniification

Today, the terroir of the estate covers 111 hectares, including 50 planted with vines. Château d’Aiguilhe has the same production philosophy as the estates of Saint-Emilion. The vineyard is at the boarder of the Côtes de Castillon and Saint-Emilion., it is located on the high hills boarding the right bank of the Dordogne. These plots, planted of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc, benefit of a natural drainage and excellent sunshine. The vinification is done in wooden termoregulated tanks between 25 to 30 days depending on the vintages. The malolactic fermentation and the aging are done on lees in new wooden barrels (80%). A filtration could be done if needed.


When tasting, Château d’Aiguilhe expresses the strong identity of the terroir: allying strenght and freshness.

Their Team

  • Manager: Stephan VON NEIPPERG
  • Cellar Manager: Yannick DAROUY
  • Technical Manager: Gaëlle BARBEREAU

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