Grand vin de Léoville du Marquis de Las Cases


  • 2nd Grand Cru Classé Saint-Julien qualified of “Super Second”
  • Planted in 1604, facing the Gironde, the Domaine de Léoville was at the time one of the most important properties of the Medoc.
  • Vineyard adjoining Château Latour in Pauillac, the terroir is made up of 8 soil profiles (Graves, Clays, Marls, Sand, Gravelous Sand, Silty Clay, Quarts, Flint) and more than 50 different basements which gives an incredible complexity to wine.
  • The river generates a very specific microclimate that allows the grapes to ripen early and protects the vineyard from freezing.
  • Since 1901, the Delon family has been unceasingly seeking uncompromising and uncompromising consistency in the quality and purity of its wines.
  • Planted at 8600 vines / hectare, l’Enclos de Léoville Las Cases (55 ha) is undoubtedly one of the greatest terroirs of Bordeaux, ideal for the blossoming of Cabernets whose average age is 52 years old.

The history of the Domaine de Léoville dates back to 1604, when the Domaine de Léoville, facing the Gironde, was at the time one of the most important properties of the Medoc. The vineyard was owned by the wealthiest and most influential French noble families in the region. After the Revolution, the estate of Léoville was divided into several parcels. Château Léoville Las Cases is born as a result of this reshuffle. For decades, Château Léoville Las Cases is run by the same family. Today, Jean-Hubert Delon, sole owner, is the representative of the family tradition.

Classified Second Grand Cru in 1855, the vineyard of Château Léoville Las Cases includes 97 Ha of vines. The gateway, emblem of the property, opens onto a 55-hectare enclosed wall surrounded by a stone wall delimiting its terroir extending from the village of Saint Julien to Château Latour. The grape variety is composed of 61% Cabernet Sauvignon, 21% Merlot and 16% Cabernet Franc. The terroir benefits from attentive, rigorous and demanding care, be it in the vineyard and the cellar, so as to obtain in each vintage the best possible expression in the sense of the philosophy of the wine to know: character of the soil, aptitude for aging and to assert oneself in time. The wine stays for 18 to 20 months in oak barrels on average 90% new.

At the tasting, Le Grand Vin de Léoville Las Cases reveals an almost incomparable depth and aromatic richness. Its length in the mouth, its aging potential prove that this wine is raised in the high categories of wines of the region. A really great wine.

Their Team

  • Owner: DELON Family
  • Manager: Jean-Hubert DELON
  • Chief Executive Officer: Pierre GRAFFEUILLE
  • Technical Director: Bruno ROLLAN
  • Business Developers: Florent GENTY