Château Grand Corbin Despagne


  • One of the very rare Grand Cru Classé in Bordeaux 100% organic with Pontet Canet and Guiraud: AFAQ-AFNOR certification
  • A family property since 1812: 205th vintage of the Despagne family on the soil of Grand Corbin
  • An always exemplary quality : wines very elegant, never over-extracted, never too woody
  • A very good value for money of the appellation


The Despagne family has been present in the history of Saint-Emilion since the 16th century as evidenced by genealogical writings. It was Louis Despagne, whose family was a sharecropper on Cheval Blanc, who acquired the first family parcels, at a place called Corbin in 1812. It is towards the end of the 19th century that Château Grand Corbin-Despagne appears. The property obtains the title of Grand Cru Classé at the first classification of Saint-Emilion wines. Today the seventh generation of the Despagne family is represented by François Despagne.

Terroir & Vinification

The Château’s vineyard is located on sandy-clay soil. The cultivation of the vine is done in reasoned and integrated agriculture: no herbicide was never used. There, the grape variety is quite classic, with a majority of Merlot, about 75%, and the rest in Cabernet Franc, about 25%. From size to harvest, all the qualitative operations are carried out in order to obtain grapes of the highest quality:  splitting, stripping, thinning and cutting. A great wine requires a great terroir with high quality grapes. Before the harvest a chemical analysis makes it possible to harvest the grapes at perfect maturity. The harvest is manual and followed by two sorts.


At the tasting, we discover a powerful wine, balanced and with a certain elegance. The fruit expresses itself and the tannic structure is solid. 5 to 10 years later, the tannins are refined and the wine expresses even more.

Their Team

  • Owner : François Despagne
  • Cellar Master : Pascal Llorca