Château Dassault


  • Saint Emilion Grand Cru since 1969
  • The wine produced by Château Dassault continues to improve in quality
  • The excellent grades he gets on a regular basis only confirm the work of a team motivated to produce a wine of a very high quality
  • Consulting oenologist since 1973: Michel Rolland
  • Important investments are regularly made, both in the vineyard and in the methods of installations necessary for the vinification and the breeding.

The history of Château Dassault first refers to Château Couperie, created in the 19th century by the Beylot family in Saint-Emilion. It was in 1955 that Marcel Dassault bought this Château “as a Coup de Coeur” he liked to say. Renamed by its name, this property benefits from the best equipment and sees the quality of its production improve over the years. In 1969, Château Dassault obtained the classification “Grand Cru Classé“. We must applaud the hard work of a team that, under the leadership of 3 generations, has made this Grand Cru Classé one of the best in Saint-Emilion.

The overall area of the Château Dassault terroir is 27 hectares and the average age of the vines is 35 years old. The grape varieties are 65% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. An important quality improvement project was started in 1994, in order to better express the diversity of the vineyard. Substantive work is then undertaken with drainage and replanting plots that require it and the introduction of a mass selection to keep the characteristics and identity of the oldest vines. The new optical sorting table allows precise selection for each plot and determines the quality of the harvest. The good grains are photographed (maturity, color, size). Those who do not correspond to the “perfect picture” are rejected immediately. This new tool makes it possible to take all the risks for the choice of the dates of harvest. The winemaking takes place in small concrete vats that accommodate each plot and respect its personality. These partial winemaking pair recently with full vinification in barrels on the most representative lots of the property. The wine is then aged in barrels for 14 to 18 months.

At the tasting, the wines of Château Dassault are complex and balanced. The fruit and the aromas of spices are ubiquitous.

Their Team

  • Owners: DASSAULT family
  • Vice President Dassault Wine Estates: Laurence BRUN
  • General Manager of Vineyards: Romain DEPONS
  • Technical Operations Manager: Jérôme GAUTHIER
  • Wine Technical Manager: Cyril BARGE
  • Technical Wine Manager: Julien BEAUCHE