Petit Soutard


  • The wine is vinified by the team of Château Soutard and Château Larmande, Grands Crus Classés de Saint-Emilion.
  • Signature of Grand Cru Classé Ch. Soutard, between harmony of fruits and balance of aromas.
  • Elegant packaging
  • 5 months ageing in oak barrels
  • 80% Merlot & 20% Cabernet
  • Ready to drink !

The history of Château Soutard brings back to 16th century. The first evidence of Soutard dates back to 1513 with the mention of Bourdieu (a Gascon estate surrounding a farm and a windmill) of Mayne de Soutard. Jean Couture, a Saint-Emilion Jurat, bought the property in 1699 and his daughter Marie built the chateau in 1741. Their descendants made the dwelling more beautiful, devoting themselves entirely to the vines. Soutard became one of the first chateaux to plant their vines “in rows”. In the 19th century, Jean Lavau, one of the biggest landowners in Saint-Emilion made the estate prosper. Then it was handed over to Michel des Ligneris in 1919, whose descendants ran the property for almost a century. In 2006, Chateau Soutard was acquired by La MONDIALE, part of AG2R LA MONDIALE, the number one social protection group in France and already owners of Chateau Larmande and Chateau Grand Faurie La Rose. Following the purchase, AG2R LA MONDIALE wanted to restore the Chateau’s greatness. The young architect Fabien Pédelaborde was charged with leading the respectful, elegant cellar renovation project working with local tradesmen to respect the spirit of Soutard. Petit Soutard is the second wine of the estate.

The exceptionnal terroir of Château Soutard is 30 hectares in Saint-Emilion Grand Cru appellation. The grape variety is 63% of Merlot , 28% of Cabernet Franc, 7% of Cabernet Sauvignon et 2% of Petit Verdot. Continous cares are providing to the vines and the wine is produced from a plot selection. Ageing in great quality oak barrel, the wines of Château Soutard are very complexe and balanced. Le Petit Soutard is produced from a selection of Veronique Corporandy, Technical Director of the estate. Each vintage reveal the expression of her team’s know-how.

At the tasting, Petit Soutard is characterized by silky, fruity and greed. This wine is very harmonious and balanced, and ready to drink.

Their Team :

Owner : Bertrand DE VILLAINES
Technical Director : Véronique CORPORANDY
Oenologist : Michel ROLLAND