Côtes de Provence d’Ici

"Seize a region, an appellation, a bottle..."

By Frédéric Bernard


  • Exclusive Brand
  • Rigourous selection by Bordeaux Tradition team
  • Exclusive packaging
  • Qualitative distribution
  • Typical blend of Côtes de Provence
  • Attractive color
  • Our Range “D’Ici”

The history of our Côtes de Provence d’Ici brings back to 2012 when Bordeaux Tradition decided to create its brand “D’Ici”. Through our range we bring you seven wines coming from seven prestigious appellations at the best quality/price ratio. We guarantee you regularity and expression of the terroir thanks to our rigorous selection, insuring you the best of each appellation. Our team on constant research on the field selected today this Côtes de Provence arising from a beautiful estate of the region. Rosé is a sensitive subject once the sun shines back on the terraces, and not only during the summer. Our familial property Domaine de Chevalier solved the “Bordeaux Rosé” issue by producing two delicious wines.  However, even at Bordeaux Tradition, when you hear Rosé, you hear Provence. And so we needed our own one.

That’s how the story of our Côtes de Provence d’Ici began. Vintage after vintage, our team tasted & selected many Provence Rosé, to find the one that will deserve to carry our private label. We bring it back to Bordeaux only if all our tasting panel gives the green light.  This vineyard of 100 hectares is planted of 50% Grenache et 50% Cinsault. Vinification and ageing are made at the estate.

At the tasting, our Côtes de Provence d’Ici is offering a beautiful pale pink color. The nose is expressive and greedy with little red and white fruit aromas. To the mouth the wine is pleasant with a sweet attack; pear and peach aromas express themselves intensely. The final is delicate with a slight lemon sensation.

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