• château FIGEAC

Château Figeac


  • Premier Grand Cru Classé A since 2022
  • The Manoncourt family at the head of the vineyard for 122 years : a know-how transmitted from generation to generation
  • HVE 3 certified
  • Figeac is one of the 3 greatest wines of Saint-Emilion
  • An iconic label for an iconic wine
  • Michel Rolland is the consulting œnologist since 2012


Château Figeac is a very old property in Bordeaux. Its history dates back to the 2nd century, in Gallo-Roman times, while the Figeacus family gave its name to the “villa” that it founds here. The Domaine de Figeac entered the family of current owners in 1892. Thierry Manoncourt, helped later by his wife Marie-France, began in 1947 to restructure the vineyard to give it the glory of the greatest of Bordeaux. Today, his daughter Laure and his son-in-law Count Eric D’Aramon have joined them in the direction of the Château, thus perpetuating the family tradition.

In 2022, the commission of the Saint-Emilion Grand Cru appellation has finally elevated Château-Figeac to Premier Grand Cru Classé “A”.

Terroir & Vinification

The grape variety on this magnificent terroir is 35% Cabernet Franc, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot on about 40 hectares of vines. The philosophy of Château Figeac a philosophy of sustainable development of the vine and its environment. It is based on continuous observation of the field, a long-term vision and scientific knowledge and analysis. This work of the vine is fundamental for the expression of the quality of the fruit that will give the great wine. The average age of the vineyard is 40 years, the oldest vines are almost a century old. Château Figeac is located on the “Graves de Saint-Emilion”.


At the tasting, this wine offers a great aromatic brilliance, a unique character, distinguished and recognizable among the greatest Bordeaux.

Their Team

  • Owners: Family MANONCOURT
  • Manager: Jean-Valmy NICOLAS
  • Technical Director: Romain JEAN PIERRE
  • Chief Executive Officer: Frédéric FAYE
  • Master of Cellar: Jean ALBINO
  • Communication: Cécile LOQMANE