In couple of weeks, this surprising year 2018 will come to an end. The time is to analysis and looks back to these past months. 2018 is coming to an end and it’s time to take the lessons to start this promising New Year 2019!

First of all, Bordeaux Tradition wishes you the very best for 2019 and thanks you for your trust at every moment. Whatever the duration of our relations, we are happy to count you among our partners.




We are also taking advantage of this new year to tell you about our change of visual identity. Since April 2017, Bordeaux Tradition belongs to the company SWIT, co-owned by Frederic Bernard and the Adamian family, whose ambition is to offer wines and spirits from around the world to the world.

With these changes, we wanted to change our visual identity and our logo so that they more clearly express our ambitions and the links between SWIT and BT. This new identity aims to express our dynamism, our course and our commitments: an innovative international trader whose goal is to serve you better.

We are therefore very pleased to present our new logo that mixes classic and contemporary typography as a link between our past and our future. We also made the choice to highlight our acronym BT, shorter and more visual, that we have a wind rose as the sign of our openness to the international.

BT is definitely on the move by 2019!