La Petite Lune Red

The Moon shines above each of us ...

By Olivier Bernard


  • A strong brand
  • Project carried by Olivier Bernard and Stéphane Derenoncourt
  • Super packaging
  • Possibility to build exclusives
  • Chevalier team to help you promote the wines
  • A real know-how


The new gem of Olivier Bernard and Stéphane Derenoncourt. Bordeaux is world famous for its Grands Crus. It is on these beautiful terroirs, which are probably a little less known in Bordeaux, that Olivier Bernard asked Stéphane Derenoncourt, the Domaine de Chevalier’s consultant, to vinify for himself some pretty prizes selected from viticulturists passionate about their craft. The goal is clear: to make the Little Moon a beautiful wine, charming but elegant, which reflects the values ??of Olivier Bernard. This idea came simply from their love for Bordeaux wines and in the continuity of the Clos des Lunes project, which enabled Olivier Bernard and his team to create a brand new range of rosé, white and red wines : La Petite Lune.


These wines, based on a selection of Stéphane Deroncourt and vinified by Olivier Bernard’s team, aim to bring: to the consumer, pleasurable wines, on the fruit with an excellent quality-price ratio. To the importer a brand, a know-how, a reference, an image and a quality allowing him to work well. These wines in red, rosé and white benefit from the same 18th century bottle as Clos des Lunes and Lespault Martillac packaged in beautiful flat boxes of 6 bottles.


At the tasting, the Little Red Moon offers a shimmering and deep ruby color. The nose is intense red and black fruits well walls. It is a fresh and fine wine. We find spicy notes finely peppery and flowery. The violet is present and is reminiscent of Merlot. Then the attack is round, silky, fleshy, very fruity and sweet! The tannins are fine, structuring and persistent in the finish. The Little Red Moon is balanced, fruity, rich, elegant. A Bordeaux upscale.