La Petite Lune (Rosé)

The moon shines above each of us ...



  • A Bordeaux Tradition worldwide exclusivity (from vintage 2019)
  • Rigorous selection by Frédéric Bernard & Olivier Bernard (Director of Domaine de Chevalier) to create a singular Rosé
  • A strong identity & true declination of the Lune range (Clos des Lunes)
  • Spectacular, elegant & unique packaging (Burdigala bottles of 18th century, technical cork for 0 corked bottle, an eye catcher label)
  • Majority percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon to keep character while maintaining a much paler color than classic Bordeaux rosé
  • Support of Stephane Derenoncourt, consulting oenologist of renown
  • The wine keeps the same freshness, from bottling in January until the arrival of the new vintage next year.

Frédéric Bernard, Olivier Bernard and his team selected beautiful grapes on fantastic terroirs, from passionate winemakers. With a clear objective: to elaborate of Petite Lune Rosé a beautiful wine, charming but elegant, representing the values of the owner of Domaine de Chevalier, Olivier Bernard. Today, Bordeaux Tradition is proud to offer you this wine with worldwide exclusivity.

The color of the Petite Lune Rosé presents fresh pink currant tints, slightly orange. The nose offers tangy fruit and citrus. : wild strawberry, exotic fruits and cle-mentine. The mouth is delicious and generous, fresh and very fruity.