L’Héritage de Chasse Spleen


  • All the know-how of Château Chasse Spleen in this wine.
  • Parker regards Château Chasse Spleen as a Third Grand Cru Classé: “The remarkable Chasse-Spleen has been producing high-level wines for thirty years. They are as good as a Third Grand Cru “
  • A second wine made with the same care as the first Château Chasse Spleen wine
  • Chasse Spleen is an extremely strong brand in the French markets
  • Well-known oenologist Éric Boissenot advises Château Chasse-Spleen. He became one of the Médoc specialists
  • In order to increase the quality of its production the team performs a very selective sorting and tearing of the weakest parcels

Mme Castaing, the first owner of the history of the château, inherited parcels among the best of the rump of Grand Poujeaux. But unfortunately too late to participate in the classification of 1855. In 1932, a new classification ranked Chasse Spleen to Outstanding Cru Bourgeois with only five other properties in the Cru Bourgeois ranking.  Héritage de Chasse Spleen is the second wine of this illustrious castle.

From the estate’s youngest vines and the same fabulous gravel terroir, L’Héritage de Chasse Spleen is more precocious than its predecessor, the Moulis star. In order to increase the quality of its production, Céline Villars, the owner, performs a very selective sorting and tearing of the weakest plots. The vineyard, consisting of four parcels, is mainly located on deep and gravelly soils, and includes very old vines, since the average age of vines and 35 years. Cabernet Sauvignon represents 73% of the estate, Merlot 20% and Petit Verdot 7%. This famous house, whose name is due to an illustrious poet passing through the region of Moulis in Médoc, has been able to highlight its terroir and the quality of its wines. Manual harvesting, controlled fermentation and aging in traditional oak barrels bring this typical velvety and warm wine.

For the tasting, L’Héritage de Chasse Spleen has many similarities to the first wine. He will already be develloped and ready to drink directly, unlike his big brother. A powerful and rich wine typical of the best Médoc wines.

Their Team

  • Owner: Céline VILLARS-FOUBET
  • Chief Executive Officer: Jean-Pierre FOUBET
  • Oenologist: Jacques BOISSENOT