G de Château Guiraud


  • A dry white wine made by a first Grand Cru Classé: a fantastic signature
  • The growing sector of dry white wines of Sauternes (Clos des Lunes, R de Rieussec, Y d’Yquem)
  • Probably one of the most gourmet dry white wines in the Bordeaux appellation
  • Proactive communication of the property
  • Increased field presence (Management and commercial team constantly on the ground)
  • Certified BIO AB
  • An attractive organoleptic profile
  • A balanced blend between Sémillon and Sauvignon
  • A big press cover for Ch. Guiraud
  • A sure bet for dry white Bordeaux wines

A pioneer of sustainable and organic practices in the world of the 1st Grands Crus (the property decided this in 1996), Château Guiraud stands out as one of the sure values ??of the 1st Grands Crus Classés Sauternes. Indeed, the property, owned by the Peugeot family, Xavier Planty, Stefan von Neipperg (Ch Canon La Gaffeliere) and Olivier Bernard (Domaine de Chevalier), collects commercial successes and awards from the press. The recent Bio AB Certification received in 2011 completes this fantastic dynamic. The “G” embodies the gateway to the Château Guiraud brand, as Luc Planty, technical director of the property, describes it.

The “G” of Guiraud is the Dry White produced from the vines of Premier Grand Cru, also certified BIO AB. Harvested like a Sauternes, manually by successive tries, and raised by the Chateau team in barrels that have been used for the breeding of the Grand Vin sweet, this balanced blend of Sauvignon and Sémillon offers a unique expression of the terroir of Sauternes, in its “dry” version. As Neal Martin said about the 2014 vintage: “This is how to dry white Sauternes”.

At the tasting, the “G” of Guiraud is a wine of a remarkable balance: nose of citrus fruits, exotic fruits and fruits with white flesh. The palate is full-bodied, incredibly long, spicy, structured, mineral, tense …

Their Team


  • Owners: Robert PEUGEOT, Xavier PLANTY, Stefan VON NEIPPERG, Olivier BERNARD
  • Manager: Xavier PLANTY
  • Technical Director: Luc PLANTY
  • Marketing Manager: Didier GALHAUD
  • Communication Manager: Caroline DEGREMONT
  • Brand Ambassador: Candice HUNT, Jade MOREAU, Jules COULAUD, Laure PLANTY