Château Gruaud Larose


  • A property of Jean Merlaut with as consultant oenologist Eric Boissenot
  • A second Grand Cru Classé on one of the most beautiful terroirs of the Médoc.
  • Certified organic since 2022
  • Waxed wine since 2018

The Abbé Gruaud, a worthy representative of the ” Noblesse de la Robe” , drew the history of the Château in 1725. The famous Bordeaux wine broker Lawton spoke about the wines of a certain “Lord Gruaud” in 1755, a century before his official classification . During the 19th century, the tables of many kingdoms in Europe and Asia reserved their favors for the wine of Gruaud Larose. Today, the Castle is a name recognized throughout the world. Sometimes, in some countries, the intimacy is so strong that the wine lover dedicates a name to it in his own language. In 1997, the Merlaut family acquired the estate and pursued the policy impelled by its predecessor since the early 1990s: to design a wine of high class while respecting the traditions and the environment.

The vineyard of Château Gruaud-Larose covers 82 hectares, with more than 600 000 feet in one piece. The estate is currently 61% Cabernet Sauvignon, 29% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc, 5% Petit Verdot. Each of these grapes is found in varying proportions depending on the vintage in the wines of Gruaud Larose, thus contributing to increase the complexity. The team of the castle is strongly mobilized around the improvement of the methods of working of the grounds in order to better emphasize the soil. The castle was one of the first to use organic methods of protection and defense of vine plants (organic compost, water treatment …). In addition, Gruaud Larose undertook to follow homeopathic treatments to bring a perfect balance to the vines.
The technical team, with the support and expertise of oenologist-consultant Éric Boissenot, strives to maintain the delicate balance between an environmentally friendly vineyard work and an association-based wine making process. harmonious traditions and modernity.

At the tasting, Gruaud Larose offers a dense but complex attack, a truly elegant mid-palate, all in harmony, and very fine tannins.

Their Team

  • Owner: Jean MERLAUT
  • Head of Culture: Patrick FREDERIC
  • Cellar Master: Stéphane LEBARON-BOUCHONNEAU
  • Oenologist Consultant: Eric BOISSENOT