Blanc de Chasse-Spleen


  • Vineyard is planted of 65% Sémillion & 35% Sauvignon Blanc since 1990
  • Very small production (2 Ha)
  • Vinification methods was refined year after year
  • Chasse Spleen signature

The story of “Blanc de Chasse-Spleen”, which is a cuvee from Château Chasse-Spleen’s winery, goes back to the 1990s, when the Château tried to produce a white wine on a land of red wine. Not having the “white culture”, the Villars family, historic owner, gropes on the farming methods of implementation, in search of the best white wine for their customers. At first, Blanc de Chasse-Spleen is tasted between family members, friends, employees of the Château. The Villars did not want to market Blanc de Chasse-Spleen before it was at its peak. Today, and since 1995 (date when it is marketed for the first time), the vinification techniques of this white wine are controlled and allow Blanc de Chasse-Spleen to be among the best Bordeaux white wines.

The Blanc de Chasse-Spleen terroir is spread over 2 hectares of sand and clay. The grape varieties are  about 65% Semillon and 35% Sauvignon Blanc. The viticulture is traditional, the harvest is done by hand and the grapes are aged in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats and barrels for 9 months (half of which are new barrels).

Limpid, brilliant and holder of a strong yellow color, the Blanc de Chasse-Spleen  brings very distinct aromas of grapefruit and lychee wiht a background of linden blossom and terpene of sauvignon when tasting. It is considered to have a sharp attack and a round mouth with a retained fat.

Their Team

  • Owner: Céline VILLARS-FOUBET
  • Oenologist: Jacques BOISSENOT