Y 14 et Yquem 13Château d’Yquem 2013

1rst Classified Growth,  Sauternes Appellation
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Pierre Lurton: “2013 is unquestionably a very good year, and the wine has the concentrated botrytis characteristics and rich, candied fruit flavours typical of Yquem.”
“Extrodinary lenght, undeniable purity, immense power and persistency, crisp acidity, close to the legendary 2001, THE wine of the vintage….” All the superlatives are used to qualify this magnificent 2013 vintage. Yquem proves once again that it has no competitor in its category . Like John Wayne said ” The Sherif here is d’Yquem, Sauternes is the gold, and the Ciron the Rio Bravo” 
Packaged in wooden cases of 1, 3, 6 bottles ! There is no extra cost for 1/2, magnums or extra size (case of 6 or 12 1/2bottles)

and Y 2014

Bordeaux Blanc appellation
Those magic Sauternes & Barsac appellations are producing the best sweet wines in the world and they prove also that this terroir is also incredible to produce some fantastic dry whites! The rare people who have the chance to taste Y (YGREC) in their life don’t forget it! It’s like Yquem: when you drink a single glass of Yquem it remains engraved in your memory!
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