L'artiste Coréen à l'origine de l'étiquette du millésime 2013 Mouton Rothschild

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Once again this year, as for the past 60 years, Mouton Rothschild has called on an artist of international reputation to illustrate the labels of the 2013 vintage, as his predecessors Jean Cocteau, Dali or Picasso. 

So this year, the owners have chosen Lee Ufan for this delicate assignement. The sensibility of this Korean artist, writer and philosoph, born in 1936 in the Southern Korean Peninsule, has allowed a very fair representation of this Grand Cru 2013. Indeed, as the owners underligned it “in the work he has created for Mouton 2013, the initially indecisive purple of the drawing gradually attains its full richness, just as a great wine is patiently brought to fulfilment in the secret of the vat house”.

So, let us be your guide to the more detailed explanations given by the owners. 


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