Bordeaux Tradition in his marketing strategy, wants to develop his social networking pages (Facebook, Twitter, …). For this, the company has analysed 126 suppliers castles websites, seeking to know who had a strong presence on the internet.
There is no more to prove now that in a world professional web, a strong presence has many advantages:
– Create and control information about your property
– Customer loyalty and create a group of fan about your vineyard, which is a free advertising!
– Open your cellar internationally, offering tours in several languages
– Create a unique identity, allowing easy identification of your wine (there are 9820 wines in Bordeaux)
– Looking at the public area of wine and share your own culture, your last news
– Reduce your advertising costs and provide fast customer service

If all properties have a dedicated website containing lots of information and news, they use the flash technology which not allow a proper referencing on search engines. At present, the technology in terms of coding, when you create a website is html5 because it provides s good graphics performance, and improve the compatibility with the smart-phones (the flash is not supported by iphone for example) and SEO on Google.

About social networks, for all the castles, only:
– 44% of them have a Facebook page customized with photos, articles (from Wikipedia doesn’t count)
– 17% have an account on Twitter, the professional social network
– 10% have a blog (the news page are not considered as a blog)
– 7% offer an RSS feed for incorporating news on an external site.

Certainly, expanding its presence on social networks takes time but the challenge is worth it because the internet presence, as we have seen, has only advantages. There is no doubt that in the future, the castles that will communicate through the Internet, will have an advantage over their competitors. That is why Bordeaux Tradition has followed the trend, by offering various services, such as bringing together news about the press and castles on a single page. To be continued …


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