Moulin Issan

In the shadows of Ch. Rauzan Ségla, Ch. Palmer or Ch. Margaux, Château d’Issan has succeeded to gain a strong reputation among the Bordeaux wine lovers. Today, we are very pleased to spotlight a very special wine of the estate:  Moulin d’Issan.


Poured at the wedding of the famous Aliénor d’Aquitaine ( with Henri II of England), Château d’Issan wines combined the power of Bordeaux wines and the elegance of the Margaux terroir. Recognized as Third Growth in the Médoc Classification of 1855, the favorite estate of the Austrian Emperor gained popularity all among Europe before gradually fading away. However since its acquisition by the famous Cruse family in 1945, its former glory has been restored.Moulin The Cruse managed to draw the best out of the terroir, the only one in Margaux facing the river (with Ch. Margaux).


“Regum mensis aris que deorum”

« The table of Kings, the Altar of Gods ». The motto of Château d’Issan, written on each label, symbolizes  by itself the search of excellence done by the actual owners. Today, everything is implemented to let the Cabernet Sauvignon (65% of the plot) and the Merlot express all the authenticity of the terroir.  Finally, the recent arrival of the Lorenzetti family (Ch. Pedesclaux, Ch. Lilian Ladouys) let us think that the property has its brightest days ahead of us. Ch d’Issan has definitely a rosy future!


Moulin d’Issan is eventually the most unknown wine in the d’Issan galaxy, even if it has been produced for several decencies. Located in the heart of the d’Issan vineyards but because planted on a floodable area (actually on your right when you are in the Château alley) some parcels are not eligible for the Margaux Appellation. “Anyway!” claimed Emmanuel Cruse, who decided to produce Moulin d’Issan with these parcels. Giving Moulin a unique style, focusing on Merlot blend to give a  fruit-forward and pleasure wine, M Cruse won his bet.


Vinified and aged in barrel at the property, Moulin d’Issan receives the same attention as the 3rd Classified Growth and so benefits from the know-how of the team.  If you need a Bordeaux Supérieur that can be drunk under any circumstances, Moulin d’Issan is definitely the best choice. Last but not least, Moulin d’Issan states its noble filiation by keeping the same aesthetic code as its eldest:  Gold and Black label, 2-tones cap, natural cork and the motto proudly displayed.


However, despite all this qualities, Moulin d’Issan has major default: its low production volume. Indeed the 2013 vintage represents only 20.000 bottles.  

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