Chasse Spleen is eventually one of the most famous brand in France and Europe. This glorious name finds its origin in Beaudelaire of course. But the legend said also that when Lord Byron was crossing South Europe, he stopped at the Chateau and declared that the wine he was drinking must be praised for its ability to dispel the spleen. Mrs Rosa Ferrière, the daughter in law of the first owner, therefore decided  to choose Chasse Spleen as brand name

Indeed the estate was formerly known as Poujeaux Castaing. Madame CASTAING, the first owner, inherited of the plots among the best croups of Grand Poujeaux. If Chasse Spleen missed the 1855 classification, it is because it was not the one we know today. Some also may recall its former Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel status (dated back from 1932 this time)  but since there is no more hierarchy in Cru Bourgeois, the estate left its title.

Now , neither classified nor bourgeois Chasse Spleen of the current owner, Céline VILLARS and Jean Pierre FOUBET, is still the star Moulis.

Chasse Spleen estate consists of vines parcels located both in Moulis and Haut Médoc Appellation.  L’Héritage de Chasse Spleen comes from parcels both located in Haut Médoc & Moulis appelation. If a Moulis can be a Haut Medoc, a Haut Médoc can’t carry the Moulis appelation, that is why l’Heritage is a Médoc.  Made with the same care, by the same team as Château Chasse Spleen, it that can be appreciated earlier than the Moulis eldest brother, but keeping in the glass all its héritage.

Finally, we can quote Robert Parker who said once « The remarkable Chasse-Spleen produces high quality wines since 30 years. They are as good as a third grand cru classé ». 

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Héritage Chasse Spleen 2012


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