Last night, Monday 7 of December, a Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classés tasting took place at Grand Theatre of Bordeaux. This event was organized by the “Association des Grands Crus Classés of Saint Emilion”. It was a tasting about vintages 2011 and 2012 of this appellation. Bordeaux Tradition had the chance to take part in this evening and give you its opinion about it ! 

At 18:30 PM, we arrive in front of the Grand Theatre of Bordeaux. What a majestic place for a Grand Cru Classé tasting. After having given our name to the reception, we went on to the 1st floor thanks to stairway. This one leads to a 1st stage opening on a huge door, surrounded by two statues of Pierre François Berruer: Thalie and Melpomène, Comedy and Tragedy Muses. In front of Gerard Boireau Private Room entrance, where the tasting of Saint Emilion is happening, many wine glasses are waiting for us. There is also little notebook including all the estates presented. We enter this vast room, already full of Chateau representatives, brokers, wine merchants and wine professionals. Decorations are splendid: between 2007 and 2009, a deep restoration occured with the aim of respect Charles Burguet work. Our sight is straight away kept by the celling and walls which are decorated with delicate portrait of famous composers as Beethoven, Haydn, Rossini, Gretry, Gluck and Meyerbeer, and paintings of William Bouguereau. 

But, we are not coming for the view but for tasting Saint Emilion Grand Crus Classés, vintages 2011 and 2012. So we began our walk and during 1:30 we have tasted many wines as good as the others. 

To sum up, what it could be said about this tasting, and as Stephane Cruse underligned it:: 

  • Vintage 2011: good surprises revealed abut the vintage 2011, a fine frankness with interesting matters. This vintage will start to open up and offer us much pleasure during future meals.
  • Vintage 2012: on a general scale, this 2012 presented more fruits, more roundness and beautiful matters also. A very pleasant vintage that will make you wait for 2009 and 2010 that are still closed.

Don’t forget that we are able to send you more details or an offer on the whole wines present at this tasting, or many other wine. So let be free to contact us at or by phone et 05 56 69 25 30 !


Dégustation Saint-EmilionDégustation Saint-EmilionDégustation Saint-Emilion


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