• Grand Cru of Saint-Emilion
  • Mondot, a striking introduction to Troplong Mondot’s style
  • An exceptional terroir / 100% limestone soil & 100% Merlot
  • Density, chalkiness & freshness


The vineyard was created in 1700 and the château built in 1745. The name comes after Raymond-Théodore Troplong who shaped the identity and the configuration of the estate and that of his nephew, Edouard Mondot, who added his surname onto the existing one, thus creating Troplong Mondot. Over the years, some charismatic figures, such as Christine Valette, embodied the freedom of spirit, the determination, and the elegant generosity for which the property is still renowned.

As the owner since 2017, the company SCOR is writing a new chapter in the history of the property and fully commits to a vision of the future developing Troplong Mondot. This French leader in reinsurance gave way to a renovation program enhancing the terroir’s characteristics while being involved in the development of our biodiversity. There is clearly an enduring commitment towards othe environment and a respectful vision that has been thoroughly conveyed season after season, to prepare for the future.

Terroir & Winemaking

The elevated position of the place gives part of its soil a unique typicity found in wine and an ideal exposure that offers all types of exposure to the sun. The classic terroir of Saint-Emilion is found there, enriched with fragments of flint, which can not be found anywhere else. The property is 33 hectares and the grape variety is 85% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Cabernet Franc. Thanks to the collaboration with Claude and Lydia Bourguignon, the viticultural techniques are adapted to the peculiarities of each parcel to underline its stong and unique aromatic identity.


The fragrance of a juicy and flavoursome freshly picked fruit. The colour of a summer sky at sunset. The fiery energy of Argentinian tango.

Mondot, a striking introduction to Troplong Mondot’s style.


  • Owner: Société SCOR
  • CEO: Aymeric DE GIRONDE
  • Technical Director: Rémy MONRIBOT