Les Griffons de Pichon Baron


  • One of the best Value for Money of pauillac
  • The signature of one of the most prestigious properties of Bordeaux
  • Great grades in international press
  • Very distinctive & elegant packaging
  • High Environmental Value 3 certification (HVE)


Les Griffons de Pichon Baron, 2nd wine of Château Pichon Baron, are the last born in the history of the estate https://www.bordeaux-tradition.com/vins/chateau-pichon-baron/. Young brother of Château Pichon Baron, this wine has the same character: pure and straight. It’s a real “mini Pichon”.


In the Pichon Baron vineyard, the average age of the vines is 30 years and the planting density is 9,000 plants/ha. However, it’s the human who finally orchestrates the miracle of the terroir, working at best according to the profile of the vintage.  Griffons is the result of the same rigor and meticulousness in the plot selection as the first wine.


From historic vineyards, it benefits from aging in the cellar as long as its predecessor. However, the more balanced blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon softens its aromatic power. Eventually, the maturation lasts between three to four weeks, but the success of the wine really comes from the day-by-day monitoring of the whole process, for each vat.


At the tasting, Les Griffons offers a tonic and fresh experience, straight, all in energy. It can be kept in cellar more than 20 years. Yet you can enjoy the wine as of 3 to 5 years of age.

L’Equipe du Château

  • Manager: Christian Seely
  • Chief Executive Officer: Xavier Sanchez
  • Technical Director: Jean-René Matignon
  • Assistant Technical Manager and Cellar Master: Alexandra Lebossé

To know more: https://www.pichonbaron.com/fr/vin/3/les-griffons-de-pichon-baron