Echo de Lynch Bages


  • Second wine of a 5th Classified Growth of Pauillac
  • Developed like  the First Wine, it benefits from the same attentive care from the vine to the cellar
  • From a selection of parcels and young vines from Lynch-Bages
  • Very good aging potential

The history of Echo de Lynch Bages begins with the name of Haut-Bages Averous, who for a long time designated the second wine of the Château, fruit of a selection decided for the first time on the occasion of the harvest of 1976 and pursued each year since. From the 2008 vintage, Château Haut-Bages Averous changes its name and to better assert its affiliation to the estate, it becomes “Echo Lynch-Bages”.

Located at the gates of Pauillac and overlooking the Gironde estuary, the vineyard Lynch-Bages extends on the Bages plateau, one of the most beautiful ridges of the town. Echo de Lynch Bages accounts for 30% of the harvest and comes mainly from the youngest vines on the property. The grape variety is 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot. Its final assembly is often different from that of Lynch-Bages. Just like for the Grand Vin, the harvest is picked up by hand and sorted carefully. After a rigorous selection of vats, the wine is traditionally aged in oak barrels from one wine until bottling. The breeding is 14 months in all. In the interest of sustainable development, agriculture is in every way reasoned: fertilization methods defined precisely and adapted to soil, optimized phytosanitary control, use of sexual confusion against worms of the bunch, controlled grassing of plots for control the vigor of the vine, prolonged rest of the soil by flowering fallow land … The use of neutral products for the environment is everywhere privileged.

At the tasting, like its elder , Echo de Lynch-Bages has the perfect characteristic flavor, aroma and length of Pauillac.

Their Team

  • Owner : Famille CAZES
  • Manager : Jean-Charles CAZES
  • Co-General Director : Malou LE SOMMER