Château Saint-Justin


  • A small family property since 4 generations
  • An optimal knowledge of the terroir
  • Patrice Glémet is a member of the Vignerons Indépendants
  • A fruity wine, with a delightful sapidity!
  • A Bordeaux Tradition exclusivity


Château Saint-Justin is a small property of only a few hectares, owned by Patrice Glémet. He is the owner and winemaker. Located in Berson, in the Côtes de Bourg appellation, the Glémet family has been winegrowers for 4 generations on this terroir, of which they now know all the secrets.
Moreover, Patrice Glémet is a member of the Vignerons Indépendants (Independent Winegrowers). With a strong ecological and environmental awareness, Patrice Glémet grows his vines following the specifications of Organic Farming.

Terroir & Vinification

The vineyard of Bourg is made up of clay-limestone slopes with a large proportion of strong clays. This is an asset for the power and the expression of the wines, but a difficulty when one wishes to lead a vineyard in organic farming because the ground becomes impracticable as soon as it rains… But the Glémet family keeps its commitments and remains attentive to its convictions!
The grape variety of the property is 90 % Merlot and 10 % Malbec. The viticulture practices are traditional, with an ever increasing respect for the environment and the terroir.

Then, the vinification is done gently, at low temperature, not to extract the sometimes overpowering tannins that the appellation produces. Mr. Glémet’s will is to produce very aromatic wines, and especially having a flexible and digestible structure. Therefore, the ageing takes place in vats, to preserve all the fruity qualities of the wine.


Château Saint-Justin has a carmine color and an expressive and fruity nose. Moreover, the mouth is dense and tasty, carried by tempered tannins. The finish is long and sapid.