Grand Vin Blanc Sec de Château Guiraud

"The unique story of Chateau Guiraud, a forerunner in ORGANIC viticulture, continues. The property expresses the quality of its natural terroir with the birth of the new dry white Grand Vin Blanc Sec de Chateau Guiraud, a wine of unparallelled freshness and refinement. born of the conviction that the terroir of Sauternes, the fabulous varieties preserved in the vine conservatory, and the expertise of the women and men at the property all naturally make obvious this dry white wine of excellence which equals the greatest. This new label further asserts the identity of Chateau Guiraud's mysterious terroir."


  • The latest label to be created at Château Guiraud
  • A blend dominated by Sauvignon Blanc (70%), and 30% Semillon
  • The expertise of the Château Guiraud teams
  • An exceptional terroir and Sémillon for this dry white wine


The “Maison Noble du Bayle”, the first name in the history of Château Guiraud, was owned by the De Mons de Saint Poly family. On February 22, 1766, Pierre Guiraud, a Protestant merchant from Bordeaux, bought it. In 80 years and three generations, the château has become a prestigious grand cru, consecrated in 1855 as a Premier Cru Classé during the imperial classification. It is located in the town of Sauternes between the bell tower of the village church and the vineyards of Château d’Yquem.

On July 20, 2006, Château Guiraud changes hands. Four personalities invested: an industrialist, Robert Peugeot, and three winemakers, Olivier Bernard, Stephan Von Neipperg and Xavier Planty. The meeting of these four characters during a dinner in Paris is the founding event of the new team. Their shared passion for wine, gastronomy, nature, hunting, and the whole art of living allowed them to agree very quickly on the ethics of quality and the philosophy of the cru.

Terroir & Vinification

At Château Guiraud, 100 hectares of vineyards are exploited, including 10 hectares in the Bordeaux white appellation to produce this Grand Vin Sec.
The soil of Château Guiraud is made up of 80% sandy gravel and 20% clayey gravel. The subsoil is essentially made up of deep sands, pure gravel crossed by masses of red clay, limestone marl, strips of oyster limestone, red and white clay. The two grape varieties used in this wine are Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon in majority.
This cuvée was born with the 2020 vintage, where 11,000 bottles are produced.
The Grand Vin Blanc Sec de Château Guiraud is made from selected lots from the vineyard’s characteristic parcels of fine sandy and clay gravel. Harvested by hand at perfect maturity, its fruit is generously perfumed.


When tasted, its texture offers a silky and precious mouth worthy of the greatest. Its fine bitterness is revealed with delicacy while its caudality extends to infinity. The Grand Vin Blanc sec de Château Guiraud offers all the richness of its natural vineyard, always against the grain and never yet equaled, thanks in part to the work of preserving the genetic sources of its grape varieties.