Château Petit-Village


  • 10 hectares in the heart of Pomerol
  • A massive program and a qualitative background work done in recent years in the vineyard with 50% of the vines replanted
  • The creation of a second wine, in 1996, and the choice of a modern vinification allowed this property to progress in a nice way.
  • A winery and cellars totally renovated in 2006
  • The greatest tasters around the world recognize and validate the renaissance of Petit-Village
  • A wine whose quality continues to increase: since 2003 the average of the ratings awarded by the 8 main tasters has increased from 85 (2003), 89 (2007), 91 (2011) and 93 (2012) an increase of 8 points in 9 years
  • The wines of Château Petit-Village, possess the richness and incomparable finesse of the great Pomerol

Until the beginning of the 19th century, the cultivation of vines was not common in Pomerol and the wine history of Château Petit-Village did not begin until that time. Château Petit Village is located in the heart of Pomerol.

Aware of the enormous potential of the Petit-Village terroir, Christian Seely, General Manager of AXA Millésimes, is carrying out important works in the vineyards and buildings. Château Petit-Village is a vineyard located on the most interesting part of Pomerol, , on a clay subsoil. Its terroir is composed of deep gravel coated with light clay and sandy on a subsoil of alios called iron grime, characteristic of the Grands Vins de Pomerol. Each terroir has a specific grape variety that best matches the type of soil. In Petit-Village, Merlot predominates (75%). However the presence of serious also allows the encépagement of Cabernet Sauvignon quite original with 17% and also 8% of Cabernet Franc. With a vineyard of 10.5 hectares, all in one piece, the annual production of 3,500 crates is quickly taken by the local faithful who appreciate its voluptuousness and silky tannins.

At the tasting, the wine presents a real complexity of aromas, a long and delicate finish. The Cabernet Sauvignon helps to give a structure to the aging wine.

L’Equipe du Château

  • Owner: Axa Millésimes
  • Chief Executive Officer: Christian SEELY
  • Sales Director: Xavier SANCHEZ
  • Technical Directors: Daniel LLOSE & Diana BERROUET GARCIA
  • Consultant: Stéphane DERENONCOURT