Château Suduiraut

"Suduiraut is one of the largest vineyards in the world, capable of producing wines of purity, finesse and intensity out of the ordinary. There is something magical about this place and these wines that we all recognize here. "

By Christian SEELY


  • The high density of the plantations (7000 vines / ha) and the high average age of the vines (30 years) is a guarantee of the preciousness of the harvests
  • The reasoned cultivation and the low yields (<15hl / ha), guarantee the very high quality of the wine
  • Château Suduiraut’s wines are mellow, full-bodied and of incredible longevity
  • This Château produces only great first wines when all conditions are met

The domain of Suduiraut is constituted, for the majority, by the land which historically remained until the end of the XVIIIth century in the hands of the former family of Suduiraut, and for the rest, by an old possession of M. de Castelnau, which came to increase it in the first years of the XIXth century. It is located on Sauternes de Preignac, at their junction with Bommes and Fargues. It represents 200 hectares in one piece, including about 90 hectares of meadows, woods, settlers’ houses; 8 hectares of farm buildings, castle and outbuildings and finally 92 hectares of vineyards. Suduiraut was taken over in 1992 by AXA Millésimes, whose mission is to preserve and perpetuate the great know-how of the history and culture of wine with the aim of allowing great wines, from vineyards with glorious past, to express their full potential. Today, Christian Seely, General Manager, leads a united team in the desire to develop a great wine recognized today by fans around the world.

At the foot of the hill where Yquem is located, the vineyards of the Château Suduiraut extend on a terroir mainly composed of sandy-clayey soils where the stones capture the heat of the sun, which allows the grapes to reach their maturity more quickly. This unique terroir will give the wine all its opulence. The grape variety is composed of 90% Sémillon and 9% Sauvignon Blanc and 1% Sauvignon Gris.

For the tasting, the first wine of Suduiraut is truly powerful and with various aromas of candied fruits and flowers.

Their Team

  • Owner: Axa Millésimes
  • Manager: Christian SEELY
  • Technical Director: Pierre MONTEGUT
  • Cellar Master: Caroline CHEVALIER
  • Head of culture: Michel ESSARTIER
  • Consultant: Serge CHAUVET