Château Jean Gué


  • Everything is done to increase the quality of the wine: parcel management with plowing of the soil and grass, cold maceration before fermentation in order to extract a maximum of aromas, aging in oak barrels from 6 to 12 months
  • Jean Gué is produced in the same rules as Châteaux des Moines, the first wine of the château, but will be appreciated sooner
  • The property, retaining its traditional uses, deploys its expertise to offer you wines with rich bouquets, a beautiful color and great opportunities for aging
  • Lalande de Pomerol excellent value for money
  • A very modern dressing

It was in the sixties that Henri Darnajou really developed the vineyard part of the estate which was, until then, a sharing between vegetable crops, livestock and vineyards. The wine was mainly marketed in bulk for trading, but it quickly promoted the marketing in bottles, thus retaining its customers throughout France.
When his father died in 1994, Jean Darnajou, 4th generation, took over at the age of 20 the family farm which he managed with the help of his mother Colette. It will perpetuate the family tradition by gradually modernizing the techniques. In 2004, Jean joined forces with his Beau-Frère, Patrick Merle, creating the SCEA of Château des Moines and allowing a commercial expansion of the estate.
The vineyard, with an area of ??20 hectares, is cultivated in a traditional way with a plot management: plowing of the soil, grassing, mixing … The plots are carefully selected allowing the optimal expressions of the local grape varieties. Stripping is mechanical or manual, depending on the plots and plot management allows to give wines of quality and tradition. Harvesting is mechanical, by hand on certain plots, with a careful sorting of grapes that are always harvested at maximum maturity. Château Jean Gué is a wine from the estate, elaborated in the same art as Château des Moins, made of 100% Merlot.

At the tasting, Château Jean Gué offers an intense color with shades of ruby. The nose is pronounced with aromas of red fruits: cherries, blackcurrants and blackberries. In the mouth, the wine is fleshy and full.

Their Team

  • Owners  : Jean DARNAJOU & Patrick MERLE