Chateau Chasse Spleen

"Le remarquable Chasse-Spleen produit des vins de haut niveau depuis une trentaine d'année. Ils sont aussi bons qu'un Troisième Grand Cru »

By Robert PARKER


  • The remarkable Chasse Spleen is making top quality wine since around 30 years. They are as great as a 3rd Grand Cru” Robert PARKER
  • Céline and Jean-Pierre FOUBET have made Chasse-Spleen an amazing brand, always with a great quality for price ratio.
  • A romantic and legendary name

Mme CASTAING, the first owner, inherited from parcels in the best part of Grand Poujeaux. But it was too late to participate at the 1855 ranking.  But in 1932, a new ranking fixed it by adding the chateau Chasse Spleen as an exceptional grand cru with only 5 others.
The vineyard, constituted of 4 parcels, is essentially located on deep and gravelly soils, and is constituted of 35 years old vines.
The Chasse Spleen wine is composed of 73% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot and 7% Petit Verdot. The well-known oenologist Jacques BOISSENOT is the personnal adviser of Chasse Spleen, he became a specialist in the Medoc area.
Traditional cultivating method, manual harvests, and wine making in metal and concrete thermo-regulated tanks, and traditional ageing in wooden barrels.

Their Team

  • Owner: Céline VILLARS-FOUBET
  • Oenologist: Jacques BOISSENOT