Château Brane-Cantenac

"The 0.5% of Carmenère incorporated for the first time in years in 2011, gives this little extra something to the wine that makes all the difference and adds personality ... To be discovered! "

By Christophe Capdeville


  • Owned by the Lurton family since 1925, Château Brane-Cantenac owes its reputation to an exceptional terroir of deep quaternary gravel.
  • 20% of the vineyard area is grown in organic agriculture and all the techniques used in the vineyard (Air Tec Wine device) as in the winery are environmentally friendly
  • A spacious vat room, modern winemaking techniques and a talented team.
  • A racy, aromatic wine that is complex and balanced at the same time.
  • Anti-counterfeit hologram on all bottles since the 2010 vintage
  • A wine worthy of the greatest wines of Bordeaux


Château Brane-Cantenac became part of the Bordeaux wines history when it was ranked second in the official classification of Bordeaux wines of 1855. Three centuries ago, the vineyard was called Hostein and owned by the Gorce family. In 1866, the property was sold to the Roy family who also owned the Château d’Issan and finally bought by the Société des Grands Crus de France in 1920. In 1925, the Lurton family, represented at that time by François Lurton took over all of Brane-Cantenac and a majority share of Château Margaux.

Since 1992 Henri Lurton, the son of Lucien Lurton, one of Bordeaux’s most esteemed winegrowers, has been the owner of the property. Worthy heir to his father, Henri shares the same passion, that of producing exceptional wines, vintage after vintage, thanks to the terroir that has been entrusted to him. Château Brane-Cantenac has built its reputation on a vineyard of 90 hectares spread over several plots.

Terroir & Vinification

The production area is 75 hectares. Most of the plots of this beautiful terroir rise on the famous “Brane croup”, composed of deep graves which provide a large number of aromatic qualities to the wine. The grape variety is 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, 4.5% Cabernet Franc and 0.5% Carmenère. La Verdotte, a part of the vineyard, of about ten hectares, located on the road connecting Margaux to Arsac is cultivated in biological control since the 2010 campaign. A replanting program aims at renewing this vineyard in the years to come. Overall, every decision to conduct the vineyard complies with the guidelines for environmentally-friendly viticulture.

In the cellar, the type of barrels used (up to 70% new barrels) and the length of aging (average 18 months) are determined according to the characteristics of the vintage and the blend.


When tasting, we at once notice the elegance of this wine through its aromatic freshness and its velvety texture.

Their Team

  • Owner: Henri LURTON
  • Commercial Director: Marie-Hélène DUSSECH
  • Operations Manager: Christophe CAPDEVILLE
  • Consulting oenologist: Jacques BOISSENOT
  • Head of culture: Charles de RAVINEL
  • Cellar Master: Florent CILLERO