Château Bolaire


  • One of the properties of the Mulliez family, also owner of Ch Belle-Vue (Haut Médoc) and Ch. Gironville (Médoc)
  • A technical team at the forefront: Christophe Coupez (Ch. Retout) as consultant oenologist and Vincent Bache
  • Gabrielsen (Ch. Pédesclaux & Ch. Lilian Ladouys) as a consultant.
  • Strong presence of Petit Verdot: the signature of Mulliez vineyards
  • Choice of the reasoned fight with vinification in thermoregulated vats and aging in new barrels in the third
  • One of the few Bordeaux Supérieur to be released

Acquired by Vincent Mulliez in 2004, along with the Châteaux Belle-Vue and Gironville, Château Belle-Vue comes from an exceptional terroir whose history merges with that of Bordeaux wines. Since the untimely death of Vincent Mulliez in 2010, his wife Isabelle took over the management of the property, pursuing with determination the work initiated by her husband. This rigorous and enterprising man had managed in a few years to impose his 3 properties, Belle-Vue, Gironville and Bolaire among the best values ??of the Medoc.

The Château Bolaire vineyard is made up of 5.3 hectares of which the grape variety is 39% Petit Verdot, 34% Merlot and 27% Cabernet Sauvignon. It is very unusual to find as many Petit Verdot in the composition of a wine, which makes it unique. The average age of the vines is 45 years old. Livestock is operated Renovating with a tradition of quality, Château Bolaire benefits from the most attentive and enlightened care in viticulture, vinification and breeding, in a spirit of excellence and a quest for perfection, just like the other wines of the property. The control of the yields, a reasoned culture, the qualitative choice of the analysis of the maturation of the berries by tasting, the load shedding in vinification and the breeding in barrels selected conjugate rigor and efficiency to create a delectable wine.

At the tasting, the Château Bolaire is a very good Bordeaux Supérieur, in line with the other wines of the property.

Their Team

  • Owner: MULLIEZ family
  • Manager: Isabelle MULLIEZ
  • Director of Operations: Jean-Michel MARLE
  • Sales Manager: Isabelle PASCUAL