BriO de Cantenac Brown


  • The 2nd label of an iconic 200 years old estate in Margaux, 3rd GCC
  • A very strong recognition: Brio was produced for the first time in 2001
  • In 2023, BriO de Cantenac Brown was highlighted in the press. This operation is repeated every year.
  • New Packaging for BriO de Cantenac Brown starting from the 2021 vintage: recycled and recyclable cardboard, Made In France, 3 stripes, new signature of the property, reflecting the 3 stripes of the new raw earth walls, adhesive paper made from recycled materials, non-polluting ink, recycled, conducive to paper recycling.
  • It is a recurring reference in several markets.


Château Cantenac Brown is a Grand Cru ranked third in the 1855 Classification, located within the Margaux appellation. The chateau was founded over 200 years ago by a Scotsman, John Lewis Brown. This visionary figure selected the best parcels of land: his hard work and high standards were rewarded in 1855 when the Bordeaux Classification ranked Cantenac Brown among the most esteemed. A spectacular testimony to its Scottish ancestry, the estate’s emblematic Tudor-style château makes it the most remarkable property in the Médoc region.

Today, the Château is managed by the French Le Lous family. Tristan Le Lous, an agronomic engineer with a passion for oenology, together with José Sanfins (GM and winemaker), who is inextricably linked with the estate’s modern history. Château Cantenac Brown, the soul of a great terroir, bright, fleshy and velvety wine. It stands out by its fresh fruit flavours, its density and its very fine tannins. Brio de Cantenac Brown, a pleasurable wine for sharing, charming, delicate and brilliant. And Alto, the White of Cantenac Brown, mineral, fresh and vibrant.

The 30 members of clan Cantenac Brown who bring the estate and its wines to life, from vine to cellar. Aware of the importance of preserving the estate’s lands, the team applies a certified environmental approach.

Terroir & Vinification

The vineyard is composed of  hectares on a soil 63 of graves, typical of the left bank. The grapes you can find on the property are 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc. The average age of the vines is 35 years old. The management of the vineyard is more respectful of the environment as the years go by.
BriO de Cantenac Brown enjoys the same care as his elder but comes from a plot selection. The lots destined to produce the second wine are vinified and raised differently from the Grand Vin since 20% are aged in new barrels.  The bottles of BriO are voluntarily different from those of Cantenac Brown because it conveys its own image.

An amazing project will take shape for the 2023 harvest: the construction of a new eco-friendly cellar, entirely built in raw earth and wood. Designed by Philippe Madec, this project is based on the rammed earth process and raised up by what our century can offer us, while guaranteeing thermal inertia and the perfect humidity for maturation thanks to the power of the earth.


At tasting, BriO is a compromise between concentration and finesse; it is a gourmet wine.

The Team

  • Owner : Tristan LE LOUS
  • Director : José SANFINS
  • Œnologist : Éric BOISSENOT