Domaine de Chevalier is on vacation near from the Ocean ! 

Indeed, this friday, what was our big surprise to receive by mail  few photos of Domaine de Chevalier white, foregrounded an idyllic landscape ! One of our clients is gone on vacation to Hawaii, more precisely at Maui, one of 8 principles islands of the archipelago. Hawaii is the only one American State that is located outside of the North American continent. 

But above all, what a pleasure to note that our clients appreciate to go on vacation to wonderful places with wines of our familial properties ! So, we had the opportunity to discover two vintages of Domaine de Chevalier, highlighting thanks to a little private beach. On this first pictures, Domaine de Chevalier White 2011 is perched on a coconut trunk, in front of a heavenly spectacle: turquoise ocean striking on a little white sand beach and the whole overhung by coconuts and green plants. 

The 2nd day, before having opened the photo received in attach files, we read our client commentary which says that the whether was a little bit cloudy this morning.. In a hurry to discover how a paradise place could be rainy and greyish, we open the files. The bad-tempered announced was in fact a sun just hides behind some clouds but that enabled to create a wonderful rainbow in background ! Onces again, a Domaine de Chevalier white 2012 bottle was thre to embellish this ideal view. 

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