We are pleased to propose today a special offer on a selection of accessible Saint Emilion’s. Are proposed : 

  • Château Bellegrave 2007: a perfect wine to drink today, the tannins are smooth and the mouth supple and full
  • Château Longa 2006: a perfectly structured wine for a Saint Emilion easy to drink
  • Château Franc 2010 et 2011: a beautiful brand. The wines are always well balanced and can be appreciated after two years of bottling
  • Château La Clide 2011: a beautiful presentation and excellent Saint Emilion grand cru. The installations are ultra modern : thermo regulated tanks, air conditioning in the cellars etc.
  • Château Jupille Carillon 2002: the cuvée prestige arises from a selection of grapes produced on the best terroirs of Château Carillon

If you wish receiving this offer by mail please send us a mail



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