Primeurs 2015

Futures 2015 : Futures 2015 releases are coming …

After the tasting week, which has taken place from 4th to 8th April 2016, while we had the opportunity to discover this very promising 2015 vintage (cf “our impressions about Primeurs 2015“), wine releases are coming … And you may have received some of them already

So, we want to remind you that Bordeaux Tradition has three main communication tools to spread its Futures offers

First of all, if we have your contact in our list, you will receive daily e-mail from with our offers as soon as a wine is released. In it, you can find out price, availability dates, Press scores, comments and our famous “Why buy this wine updated. If you want to subscribe to our list, nothing easier: contact us at this e-mail address and tell us about your name, your company and the kind of offers you want to receive. We will be glad to have you  figuring among our customers ! 

Then, for many years now, Bordeaux Tradition has an intranet dedicated to our professionnal It is an unique and very helpful tool where you can find all the technical sheets of the wines, prices historical of previous Primeurs campaigns and Press scores by vintage. To connect you need a login and a password that you can request to

Finally, huge innovation for this Primeurs 2015 campaign : we have created a private Twitter account where we are publishing all our offers in real time@BdxTradition ! Follow us and turn on the notifications to receive directly on your smarthphone screen, displayed as: “Primeur offer: Château Pomeys 2015 at x€. 

Primeurs 2015

Looking forward to meet you on our social media, Bordeaux Tradition wish you an amazing Primeurs 2015 campaign and shares with you our tastings week through a short video


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