Bordeaux Tradition is evolving to fulfil your expectations and proposes to you today its new website easier to access

Bordeaux Tradition is one of the few, if not the only wine trader in Bordeaux that proposes a page dedicated to the next primeurs campaign:

  • page dedicated to the 2013 vintage that explains « why buy the 2013 vintage ? » from Bordeaux Tradition’s point of view and the estates
  • calendar that lists all the tastings and events that will be held during the primeurs campaign. If you are in Bordeaux don’t hesitate to check this calendar and click on “add to calendar” in order to have a direct access to all the tastings on your cellphone, outlook, gmail, hotmail or yahoo calendar.
As well as a direct access to our professional website that is, as a reminder, a tool that will help you buy and sell en primeurs. In fact as soon as a wine is released, login and access to all the wines infomation on the 2013 vintage: technical sheets, press reviews, vintage presentation, historic of the prices and notes of the journalists etc.

To sum, in 2014 Bordeaux Tradition supports you in your purchases, researches on your future purchases and sales
Best wishes for the 2013 vintage! 



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