24th of October 2012: arrival near 11.30 am on a higher point than Château Angélus. At that time an intense fog still covers the outstanding sight that we are about to see. The Cardinal Ricard as well as many guest are present but not necessarily all Bordeaux. In fact Hubert and Stéphanie de Bouard, Jean-Bernard Grenier and all their family had invited all the members that participated to the estates renovation and the installation of the 14 bells that will from now on ring every day at 7 am, noon and 8 pm.

Noon: beginning of the mass celebrated by the Cardinal, and by magic the fog begins to disappear. The three bells that surround the estate then start to ring as if they were celebrating their new neighbors… The mass ends by an Ave Maria interpreted brilliantly with a wonderful sound for an outdoor representation. Follows a beautiful lunch led by César Troisgros on the terrace of Château Bellevue whose choice of name (“Beautiful view”) is understood when we see the outstanding view that was under our eyes.  On the menu 1 magnum of Carillon d’Angélus 2000 followed by an Angélus 2006 and to finish an Angélus 2000. Magnificent!

It is really moving to see Hubert de Bouard and his daughter Stéphanie thank all the people that participated to this rebirth. The 8th generation seems to be perfectly armed to transmit this beautiful estate.

So “Bravo!” to this family because it is unusual to see an estate of this notoriety stay like this in the hands of 8 generations.


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