This should be one of the famous Supertramp title. Does the worldwide financial crisis affect the Bordeaux wines business? Yes for sure but…I think that there is still a place for good values and not only the 1st prices. A lot of people think that the Bordeaux wines increased a lot specially with the 2005 vintage. Yes some of them increased a lot : maybe 20 different classify growth increased their wines for more than 50%. But 2005 was considered as :
…one of the best vintage never produced in Bordeaux
…received some terrific rates from all the wines journalists and specially from Robert Parker
…created a huge demand from everywhere and the cake is still the same and the châteaux couldn’t increase their production. 
…but it was only a few châteaux. If you check the level of prices of the middle range châteaux, the prices do not increase a lot. And the other vintages are also well priced compare to the other wines coming from the entire world.
…the last point and not the least is that the average quality of the Bordeaux wines increased a lot in the last 10 years. The producers endly realised that they have to produce some good wines if they want to be alive in the next future…Bordeaux is back. 
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