Petit Guiraud

"Le dialogue de Château Guiraud avec la nature noue une relation sincère avec les hommes"

By Xavier Planty


  • The 2nd wine of a Premier Cru Classé
  • A pioneer in global ecological approach
  • A highly dynamic sales and technical team all around the world
  • One of the banners of sweet wines from Sauternes
  • A Bordeaux Tradition partner


The “Noble House of Bayle”, first name in the history of Château Guiraud, was the possession of the family De Mons of Saint Poly. February 22, 1766, Pierre Guiraud, Protestant merchant Bordeaux, acquires. In 80 years and three generations, the castle has become a prestigious vintage that was consecrated in 1855 as Premier Cru Classé during the imperial classification. It is located in the town of Sauternes between the church steeple of the village and the vineyards of the Château d’Yquem.

On July 20, 2006, Château Guiraud was taken over by four personalities, an industrialist, Robert Peugeot, and three winemakers, Olivier Bernard, Stephan Von Neipperg and Xavier Planty. The meeting of these four characters during a dinner in Paris is the founding event of the new team. The sharing of passion for wines, gastronomy, nature, hunting, all this lifestyle allowed them to agree very quickly on the ethics of quality and the philosophy of the vintage. Since then, they show us that organic farming can rhyme with Premier Grand Cru Classé and thus obtain the BIO AB certification in 2011. Petit Guiraud is the second wine of the property. It represents the accessibility of luxury in everyday life.

Terroir & Vinification

At Château Guiraud, 100 hectares of vineyards are exploited, including 15 hectares in the dry white Bordeaux appellation for G de Guiraud. The soil of Château Guiraud is 80% sandy and 20% clayey. Basements consist mainly of deep sands. There, the two grape varieties planted are Sauvignon (35%) and Sémillon (65%). However, the peculiarity of Château Guiraud is to have a Sauvignon plantation which amounts to 35% while the Sauternes neighbors revolve around 15%. The grapes are manual and the sorts are consistent. Indeed they can rise to 6 sorts!

The holding of the vineyard is done in the respect of the specifications AB: grassed alleys which are prolonged in the ranks of vine, annual plowing to ventilate the soil, suckering, trellising, stripping etc. Then, the fermentation is done partly in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature, and partly in barrels. The different batches are fermented (about three weeks) until their proper balance according to their selection. The aging is done in vats and barrels, for about 12 months.


At the tasting, Petit Guiraud offers a fresh and precise wine, resulting from a reflection on the style of the wine. It is a carrier of modernity and accessible pleasure.

Their Team

  • Owners: Robert PEUGEOT, Xavier PLANTY, Stefan VON NEIPPERG, Olivier BERNARD
  • Manager: Xavier PLANTY
  • Technical Director: Luc PLANTY
  • Marketing Manager: Didier GALHAUD
  • Communication Manager: Caroline DEGREMONT
  • Brand Ambassador: Candice HUNT, Jade MOREAU, Jules COULAUD, Laure PLANTY