Origine de Desmirail


Denis Lurton is the current owner of Château Desmirail. He inherited it in 1992, after his father Lucien Lurton acquired the estate in 1980. For the previous 60 years, the estate was integrated into Château Palmer and literally disappeared from the wine scene during this long parenthesis.

Under the guidance of the Lurtons, convinced of the high quality of Desmirail’s historic terroir, the estate was reborn and has benefited from new winemaking facilities since 1993. The vineyard was also patiently restructured, enhancing a distinctly Médoc varietal profil.

Desmirail is a paradoxical estate: classified as a 3rd growth in 1855, overshadowed for over half a century, resurrected and back to its rank for only about thirty years!


Château Desmirail cultivates 4 out of the 6 Bordeaux grape varieties on its 40 hectares, which also contributes to the complexity of its wines.

The majority Cabernet Sauvignon, which gives the wine its structure and great longevity, represents approximately 50% of the planted area. Merlot, which brings roundness, represents about 40% of the planted area. Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, representing 10% each of the grape varieties, play the role of spices in the blend.

Denis Lurton practices sustainable viticulture. Since decades, he has banned all chemical weed killers and insecticides. As a result of this commitment, the property has been certified High Environmental Value (HVE) since the 2018 vintage.


Wine Style – A Margaux for Pleasure:

Partly made from young vines, Origine de Desmirail claims a hedonistic profile, based on freshness and soft tannins, as well as vibrant fruitiness.

Although having a true Margaux personality thanks to a consistently Cabernet backbone, the proportion of Merlot is slightly higher than that present in the grand vin, to enhance its epicurean side.

It also benefits from aging in barrels, with only 20 to 25% new wood, for a duration of 10 to 12 months. It is a wine to be preferably enjoyed within ten years to appreciate all its qualities.



Owner: Denis Lurton

Consulting Oenologist: Eric Boissenot