Château Taillefer


  • A wine of the famous Moueix family
  • Policy of reasoned control to protect the environment
  • Parcel vinifications that express the quintessence of this terroir and make this wine a high quality product
  • A very promising name for this Pomerol appellation

The history of Château Taillefer is linked to Antoine Moeix, wine merchant, since 1923 when, recognizing the potential of this property, he decided to acquire it. Historical property of Pomerol, the Château Taillefer is one of the jewels that are listed on the map of France established in 1776. Château Taillefer finds its origin in the iron oxides, characteristics of the terroir of Pomerol, which bring complexity to the wine. In the vineyard of Château Taillefer, the ancients said that the carue “size iron” as it raises iron oxides. Today, the property is run by Claire and Antoine Moeix, children of Bernard Moeix. Together, they perpetuate the know-how of their ancestors with humility and passion.

Located on the plateau of Pomerol, the vineyard develops in one piece around the Castle. The 12 Hectares of Merlot and Cabernet Franc from Château Taillefer express themselves fully on this unique terroir. With this surface, Chateau Taillefer is one of the twenty largest estates of Pomerol, a small island of only 800 Hectares. The wine of Château Taillefer is elaborated thanks to a work of vine and chai thoughtful and precise. Biodiversity is at stake in this property where the environment is the bias. The techniques are traditional and the green operations are done by hand. The wine is aged 12 months in French oak barrels, chosen for the finesse of their grain and the happy aromatic marriage obtained.

At the tasting, Château Taillefer offers a wine of good guard, elegant and structured.

Their Team

  • Owners : Famille MOUEIX
  • Managers : Claire et Antoine MOUEIX