Château Pichon Bellevue


  • Une exclusivité Bordeaux Tradition
  • Des vins de récoltants authentiques et séduisants
  • Des crus régulièrement distingués (concours, guide)
  • Une appellation différentiante
  • Un nom de château évocateur
  • Le sauvignon Gris dans l’assemblage du blanc
  • Le même œnologue que le château Lesparre (Omnès)
  • Un rapport prix/plaisir inégalable !


When the Family Reclus moved to the Château Pichon Bellevue in 1880, They cultivated 2 hectares of lands in polyculture (mixed cropping) .

Since, the estate has continued to expand and evolve to adapt to commercial and technological devlopments: at the beginning they sold the wine directly from the barrels on the Place De Bordeaux, then, in 1982 the family turned to bottling directly at the castle.

Nowadays, Laurent continues the work of his parents, Chistiane and Daniel Reclus, paying particular attention to take care (ou caring ?) of the 50 hectares vines in a traditional way and family values, while bringing a touch of modernity.

His work’s philosophy has always been focused on preventive rather than curative reasoning, which allows us to apply a «reasoned» agriculture based on constant monitoring of rainfall.


Terroir & Vinification

It’s at the South-Weast of Libourne, on the left bank of the Dordogne, in a relatively small enclave, lies the entire vineyard of the Appellation.

It’s plots occupy beautiful gravelly cults of old alluvial terraces of the Dordogne.

Its geographical area extends to the commune of Vayres and the plateau of Arveyres, an area of about 700 hectares on which work about thirty winegrowers. It is therefore by the richness of its terroir and by the municipality that welcomes it that the Appellation naturally inherits its name: «Graves de Vayres».



The Team

Owner: Laurent RECLUS

Oenologue-conseil : Dominique OMNES & Marilyne BOUIX

Administration : Nadine ANTELME

Customer Manager : Olivier GRACIA