Château Palmer

"Personnalité unique, qualité irréprochable… Palmer rayonne au sein de l’appellation Margaux."

By La Revue du Vin de France


  • A charming Margaux and a complex bouquet
  • An extremely well rated wine
  • Very modern thermo-regulated vat and 40% new barrels during aging
  • The entire vineyard is now biodynamic

Among the wines famous in the history of the Margaux appellation, Château Palmer has always had a special place, immediately recognizable by its midnight-blue label but also its bouquet of fruits, flowers and spices leaving room in the mouth a round texture, powerful and delicate at the same time. This character is forged in the depths of a great terroir but also thanks to the boldness of the people who have managed the property throughout its history.

Appearing in the 17th century, the estate only became “Château Palmer” in 1814 when Charles Palmer, a brilliant British officer, gave the property his name and soon imposed it on the best tables in London. In 1853, the Pereire brothers, entrepreneurs and bankers under Napoleon III, pose with rigor and passion, the milestones and structures that will allow Château Palmer to register in his time and in the famous classification of 1855. In 1938, four families of merchants are acquiring the property offering a long period of stability that will be illustrated in huge vintages. At present, Château Palmer is still in the hands of two of these families, the Sichel and the Mähler-Besse.

The men and women who preside over the management, day-to-day and future of Palmer are today rim passion with innovation in their desire to sublimate this legendary terroir. Complex wines, elegant, refined, delicate, with a subtle velvet texture, demonstrate the potential of this vineyard of 66 hectares. A mosaic of soils, an exceptional terroir on the first terrace of serious looking at the river, with a singular grape variety of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, supplemented by Petit Verdot, and finally innovative and daring techniques and choices in the vineyard as in the winery sign the excellence of a vintage, magnificent expression of the Margaux appellation.

Their Team

  • Owner : S.C. Ch. Palmer
  • Manager : Thomas DUROUX
  • Technical Director : Sabrina PERNET