Château Olivier (White)


  • One of the 6 properties to be classified Grands Crus, in red and white.
  • A recent study of soils has shown that the terroir of Chateau Olivier is one of the greatest terroirs of the appellation. It also allows them to better manage the parcellaire of exceptional diversity.
  • Anxious to optimize the potential of its Graves Cru Classé, the Berthmann family has surrounded itself with a new team in 2002. This last one should allow the vintage to find all its ranks of nobility
  • Very nice scores for white and red

In history, the seigniory Olivier already existed in the twelfth century. We then found the tribute of his lords to the King since 1273 and recognitions since 1332. The Black Prince, who established his residence in Bordeaux from 1362 to 1373, often went, it is said, to Olivier, in the company of the most famous knights of Aquitaine and England to hunt wild beasts in the great woods of Léognan. In 1663, Marie de Lasserre, daughter of the lord of Olivier, married Pierre Penel, baron of La Brède and brought Olivier dowry. His only daughter married Messire Jacques de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu, who gave birth to the famous writer. Since 1886, the domain belongs to an old family from Bordeaux, the Bethmann family, who today exploits the famous vineyards of Château Olivier. The Château Olivier wine was classified in 1953, both in red and white.

The vineyard of Château Olivier is located 11 km from Bordeaux, in the heart of a field of 210 hectares consisting of meadows around the castle, century-old oaks, pions and a vineyard of 50 hectares. The average age of the vineyard is 20 years old. The soils and basements are serious Guziennes and clay-limestone. The grape variety is Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon The work in the vineyard is traditional, and “green” operations are conducted at the castle: leaf stripping, manual harvesting.. The choice of bunches is meticulous: harvest by hand in crates, sorting table in the cellar. The breeding is carried out in barrels of which 40% new for 12 months. A gigantic work on the soil has shown that the lands of Chateau Olivier were located on the most beautiful terroirs of the Pessac Léognan appellation. All the work done during these last 10 years should allow the castle Olivier to find his rank which was his in the 19th century.

At the tasting, we discover a typical white wine of Pessac Léognan: structured, elegant, and rich.

Their Team

  • Owner: BETHMANN Family
  • Managing Director: Alexandre de BETHMANN
  • Chief Executive Officer: Laurent LEBRUN
  • Cellar Master: Damien BIELLE
  • Technical Director: Philippe STOECKLE
  • In charge of the vineyard: Miguel FISAC RAMON
  • Oenologists: Miguel FISAC RAMON and Damien BIELLE