Château Maucaillou


  • A privileged terroir and a particular care brought to the vinification of this wine: irreproachable quality
  • A wine that seduces regularly during competitions and tastings: often characterized as a Grand Cru by professionals.
  • Very modern vats with a unique vintage at the forefront of the latest technology
  • Château Maucaillou was one of the rare Cru Bourgeois to be admitted to the very closed circle of the Union des Grands Crus of Bordeaux.

The beautiful history of the Château begins with the Petit-Laroche family, a wine merchant, who settled in the 19th century at a place called Maucaillou. In 1875, J. Petit-Laroche married and offered his wife, as a wedding present, the construction of a beautiful mansion: the current Castle. It is a strange and brave architectural blend that seems to marry several styles, like the Médoc wine that is made from the blending of several grape varieties. The overabundance of décoration, which evokes the Renaissance, the mid-seventeenth century and the end of the seventeenth century, make this building an excellent example of the eclectic architecture that flourished in the Medoc at the end of the 19th century. The Château Maucaillou building is listed in the “CHÂTEAU BORDEAUX” inventory collection. At the same time, J. Petit-Laroche built a new vineyard at the so-called “Maucaillou” and “Caubet” sites on 1.5 hectares, which will take the name Château Maucaillou. Thus was born Maucaillu, a winemaking castle full of talent, since its wines have continued since 1889 to be regularly in the spotlight, worldwide, at competitions and “blind tastings” between professionals. The Dourthe family bought the Château in 1929 and has been using Philippe Dourthe’s techniques of excellence ever since.

The Moulis vineyard is the oldest in the Médoc. The terroirs that carry the 63 hectares of Château Maucaillou vineyard are planted with 52% Cabernet Sauvignon, 41% Merlot and 7% Petit Verdot. The picking of the harvest is often mixed (part by hand and part with the machine) according to the parcels. The vinification is conducted with the greatest attention by Philippe Dourthe, oenologist engineer. 50 to 75% of the barrels are renewed each harvest by new wood, according to the vintage and its capacity to support more or less the tannins coming from the new oak of essentially French origin. The winemaking is done in two modern vats, benefiting from the latest technology. The winery, made of stainless steel, is entirely thermoregulated to apply the particular method that Philippe Dourthe developed in 1982. The harvest is unique, both in its design and in its technicality.

At the tasting, Château Maucaillou shows an aromatic power particularly subtle and fruity; with very ripe and concentrated flavors. You can taste a full-bodied and generous wine, with finesse and elegance, with an impressive length and a very good aging capacity.

Their Team

  • Owner: S.A.R.L Château Maucaillou
  • Manager: Pascal DOURTHE
  • Technical Director: Magali DOURTH
  • Master of Chai: André MARTIN