Château Marquis de Terme


  • An exceptional terroir with different types of soil to make this wine a very complex Grand Cru appreciated by all
  • Wine produced in sustainable viticulture in the pure respect of the environment
  • A General Manager who instills a real dynamic in the sales of the Château
  • A challenger of the Margaux appellation and Grands Crus listed in 1855
  • A Château with constant improvement, vintage after vintage
  • Very nice scores every year

The history of Château Marquis de Terme begins in 1762, when Mrs Ledoulx d’Emplet offers the estate to a certain François de Peguilhan, Marquis de Terme. The French Revolution will then implode the vineyards of the region and several families will succeed. One, however, will mark the history of the vintage during the nineteenth century. For more than one hundred and twenty years, the “Feuillerat” family will manage the estate before becoming the owner. The three generations will continually improve quality first by adopting a second brand policy for wines that do not qualify for classified growth criteria and by taking an active part in the creation of the Margaux vineyards syndicate. . The wine is ranked 4th Grand Cru in the 1855 ranking. The crisis of 1929 forced the family to sell the Château. It is acquired in 1935 by the father of the current owners: the Seneclauze family. Since 2009, Ludovic David, Managing Director, has, with the support of the owners, a large-scale policy, turned more towards the international.

The vineyard of Château Marquis de Terme, located in the towns of Margaux and Cantenac, covers 38 hectares. Around the Château, 5.5 hectares of shallow fine gravel, with a low proportion of clay, on the Margaux plateau, 19.5 hectares of deep gravel on clay subsoil, Gondats, 4 hectares of gravel and black sand on the banks, and finally on the plateau of Cantenac, 9 hectares of gravel more clayey, shallower. The grape variety is 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot and 5% Petit Verdot. The average age of vines is 35 years old. The sustainable viticulture is an obligation for the Château.

At the tasting, this first wine offers an ample attack, velvety tannins and a very noble aromatic expression. A characteristic wine of the prestige of its appellation.

Their Team

  • Owner: Pierre-Louis and Philippe SENECLAUZE
  • Chief Executive Officer: Ludovic DAVID
  • Head of culture: David HOUDET
  • Cellar Master: Julien BRAHMI